How long does it take for my order to be completed?
While turn around time can vary depending on the time of the year, size of order, and/or design,  on average, orders ship within 4-6 weeks of receiving cleared payment.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
We use the e-commerce site Paypal for all of our credit card transactions. This allows us to accept all major credit cards in a safe and secure manner. Of course, we accept cash for local pick up; checks are also accepted. Returned checks will occur a $45.00 returned check fee and unhappy call from us.

How much is shipping?
Shipping cost vary from location to location. Typically, for a name banner order with 4-6 letters, shipping will cost about $25.00. Please keep in mind that this will vary depending on your shipping location.

Can I pick up my order to save on the shipping?
Of course! Albert’s studio is open by appointment only. Call us to set it up, we would love you have you!

How large are the letters in name banners?
While the size and length of the banner will vary depending on the letters and size of name, typically the first letter is 15′ high with each additional letter being about 10′ high. Custom sizes are also available.

Can Albert create a sketch of my order so that I know what it will look like?
Unfortunately, due to volume, Albert can not create sketches for orders unless that are full room designs. Please keep in mind that Albert does not create sketches for himself. His designs are created by hand and eye. This is the magic of his talent which is a special gift from God.

What happens if I don’t like it?
Let us start by saying that this never happens. Never say never? Well, we say never. After almost six decades in business, we never had an unhappy customer. If there is a miscommunication regarding design or color, we pick up the item and produce the necessary changes. In the end, everyone is always happy.

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